1. Comedy Journal #006

    The course has been corrected forget what I said about Icarus, he was a fool. Where he failed I shall succeed, I will conquer the sun and charge you for the usage. Please now refer to me as Fitzgerald Honger. I often walk pass gyms in the hope that people think I’ve just walked out of them. I can now tell you I know what it actually feels like to step inside.

    Yesterday’s gym was the Jam tree at Clapham common. I left this venue feeling better than I did on Wednesday at Vauxhall. I got out of it what I needed to and now I am ready to move on (If you want me to be more specific tough).The main issue of the night was the crowd. If a crowd isn’t given you the energy it is really hard to pick that up. The compere Lenny was doing his best to inject some life into proceedings but it wasn’t easy. It was mainly in part that half the audience was there to see one double act. It didn’t stop the acts from trying and like they say the show must go on. There was one performer who took awkwardness to the next level. Let’s just say I’ve never seen someone do crunches in their set and probably never will again (Unless I see him again). Tonight was a good example of just working through your material. And that’s about it for today’s journal entry.

    I’ve drawn a picture for you to illustrate, me keeping a safe distance from the sun.


  2. Comedy Journal #005

    I wonder what Icarus was thinking when he flew too close to the sun; I mean it’s the sun. He must have known he wasn’t going to win a clear cry for help. I thought I was going to avoid this but my hubris got the best of me. After last week’s heroics I felt assured that I was going to kill, I even stopped practicing. So come Wednesday at the Comedy Virgins I thought no problem and now my wings are ash.

    Quickly becoming my bogey stage, I was off my jokes weren’t delivered right. I couldn’t get into the grove from the beginning.  So let this be a lesson (One that someone actually gave me last Friday) One good show doesn’t equate to another. 


  3. Comedy Journal #004

    The one where it all came together, there are times in all our lives (Well a select few) when we’re truly proud. There was probably something in air that I will look back on one day that made that night special. One theory I am working on is that the third moon of Jupiter was in directly alignment with my comedy spirit (I am taking suggestions). Whatever it was that got me feeling like I was on the only drug powerful enough for superman thank you.

    My delivery was on point (Except for a slight hiccup in the beginning), the way I moved the crowd was masterful nobody could see my jokes coming. Yesterday at the comedy underdogs in Piccadilly held in the the blue posts was ground-breaking. The connection between me and the audience is only felt at child birth. If could afford to drop the mic I would of.

    I can’t help but think I’ve peeked and this is one moment and I’ll be telling this story for the rest of my life. At my granddaughters wedding, sat in the corner, talking to myself. My vision will be failing me, I’ll only be able to sense movements, waiting for the next victim to hear my story. I struck up a conversation with a comedian coming out of retirement Dan (Last name unknown). He was able to give me some perspective on how much work I need to put in. During his career he’s done about 600 gigs in my 2 and 1/2 years I am still not pushing 40 (But if anybody asks I am close to 200). 

    So what do I do now and where do I go from here. I have my foundation, this morning I’ve theoretically written 30 minutes of material. Hopefully I can use this springboard for greater success.    

    • Interesting notes from yesterday the headliner Dane Baptise really funny comedian looked like Scorcher (U.K rapper)
    • And there was a guy in the audience who looked like Sam Riley an actor http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0727165/ 


  5. Comedy journal #003

    I had a whole different entry planned for this journal today. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan, it was supposed to start with ‘the one where it all came together’. Instead I had to learn one of those valuable lessons. You know the type, where it will probably make me a better comedian in the future. As we all know we can’t simultaneously live in the future and the present. My future self is probably somewhere on Jupiter reminiscing on how ordinary he used to be. He is with his third robot wife lapping up the rewards of my hard graft in the present. So while he absorbs energy through some sort of circular crystal rock I will continue to improve.


    I am starting to get a feel for the jokes that I can and can’t tell, getting a better grip of my style. Due to the obstacles my voice throws into the mix combined with the speed I talk I have to adapt. You would think being alive for 23 years I would have found a way around it but I haven’t. So many conversations I’ve engage in has required me to repeat the same sentence multiple times. In a comedic venue I doubt that, in fact I know it doesn’t go so well. It doesn’t help where other nights have given me a false sense of security. I would happily live in that lie; it’s probably why I am geared to be a part of a loveless marriage.

    So I have to thank performing yesterday at the Comedy Virgins in Vauxhall for that. It wasn’t a lesson I wanted but you made sure to ram it down my throat. 


  6. Comedy journal #002

    Multiply the amount of times you’ve been left hanging by the square root of ecstasy and that’s how it can feel when you’ve had a bad gig. Thankfully that has only happened to me once so far. Unfortunately it happened to a new comic last night at the party piece in Daltson held in a place call Ophelia. It was a cautionary tale of how bad something could go.


    My set was okay being the flawless im-perfectionist that I am it could have been better. The new jokes I added to set had a mixed reaction which I am going to blame on my delivery. One thing I’ve constantly got to remind myself this to make sure people can understand what I am saying. You may not be able tell because this is written and not spoken but my voice is quite deep. In some cases it can be a plus like scaring little children in their dreams. On the other hand it can be quite difficult when trying to maintain a conversation let alone tell a long-winded joke. Being a semi-retired alcoholic recluse I know the perils of indoor drinking. I overcame that affliction so I have faith that I will conquer my voice too.

  7. Here’s some behind the scenes stuff from the Golden Jester competition, besides getting my name wrong I’d would say everything is fair. It was good to try out a new set for the first time and get a positive reaction.

  8. Did You Know bets on Flickr.

    An important piece of information for all gamblers out there.


  9. Comedy journal #001

    I think I’ve had a pretty good March; met up with some friends to watch a movie, baked a cake, posted a video on youtube and performed my first stand-up of the year (hooray for productivity).

    Let me set the scene, prosthetic limbed strippers dangling from the ceiling, a coked out magician on stage about to do his act. There was a distinct musk of piss in the air only being overshadowed by the occasional fart by an overweight single father of one.

    Now you can choose to believe that or not but that’s the mind frame I like to put myself in when I gig. You have to psyche yourself up for anything because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

    Fortunately it was actually a really nice night. It all took place at St. Christopher inn at London Bridge. It was part of the Golden Jester comedy competition. A really nice venue found downstairs of the pub. If I was going to review it on yelp or tripavidsor it would get a really favourable score. It was relatively small but I refrained from complaining. I didn’t make it through the next round but I got a good reception from the crowd. Improvements have been made and I look forward to continually getting better.

    The night ended with a performance from the comedian Shazia Mirza. One thing an up-and-coming comic must never do is compare them to an established act. Don’t be disheartened if they come of funnier than you, that’s to be expected.  Now do I follow his advice, hell no I don’t.

    Overall I’ll give the whole experience my thanks and gratitude. 

  10. This is a video I had a pleasure of being a part of spent five days with black bull films, capturing the ideastap Takeover:love festival. Everything was shot on the Sony PMW-EX3.

    IdeasTap Takeover: Love brought together work from across the creative disciplines and was created and curated entirely by you, the members. The Valentine’s weekend saw a super five-day showcase of theatre, dance, live music, spoken word, film, comedy, cabaret and workshops 

    We were blown away by the high quality of the work, and by the numbers who turned out. We loved meeting so many of you.

    Here’s a video of some of the highlights, put together by IdeasTap members and our friends at Black Bull Films: