1. In this episode we discuss Jamie’s holiday, going viral, why people keep asking Jamie for drugs and is cinema dying.


    Rest in peace il – Jamie


  2. Comedy Journal 013

    Forgot to post this yesterday. 

    Well I’ve decided I am not going to do these after every performance just the really good or bad ones. Doing it this way ensures that at least I’ll be writing something still quite frequently. 

  3. Vyara Zlatilova on Flickr.


  4. Comedy Journal #012

    I produce this comedy journal on a shoe-string budget. I’ve had to lay a few people off mostly relatives. I did it all for this which means kids will starve for this journal and I am not sure if it’s worth it. Not to beat a dead horse home but there were more lucrative journals I could have done where everyone would have got paid.

    Now onto more pressing matters last night’s stand-up. I was back at Party Piece on Hampstead Rd. I was trying out new stuff, long story short it went well. What I want to talk back is creating moments through your comedy.    

    Going over you material at home or on stage can produce the same spontaneous moments.  The difference will be either there’s an audience of one or you and possibly one other. You can’t legislate for when these spontaneous moments happen when you deviate off script. Practicing will hopefully leave you better prepare. During a practice you can say that magical although it might not be replicated in a show. On the plus side you are now afforded a chance to work that into your set. Catching one of those moments for the first time at a show is a nice feeling. If anything it lets you know you can think on your feet and know how to exploit an opening for comedy gold.

    Get use to repeating yourself finding different ways to work your material. Obviously you might plan on doing new stuff every time (then this doesn’t apply to you). If you are working material then make sure you keep in fresh. I don’t necessarily mean change the way you say it at every show. I am just trying to look out for you so you don’t get bored. There is nothing worst then falling out of love with things. So many of my game consoles are collecting dust don’t do the same to your material (blow on it).  

    Anyway now that I’ve stopped being serious, have you heard my podcast I do with my friend Jamie. Of course you haven’t but I won’t hold that against you. Here are links to what we’ve done so far.


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    So until I see you next time bye.

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  7. In this episode we discuss; graduation and how much school you can miss and still get by, the easy way to tell you’re poor and how work can consumes your life and destroy it.


    Jamie is one of us - Fitz

  8. Mistaken Identity 

  10. Pigeon talk