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  3. In this episode we discuss; graduation and how much school you can miss and still get by, the easy way to tell you’re poor and how work can consumes your life and destroy it.


    Jamie is one of us - Fitz

  4. Mistaken Identity 

  6. Pigeon talk 


  9. Comedy Journal #011

    One of my dreams is to own an Ice cream van and eventually work my way up to a fleet of them. I know it’s going to be hard but I can do it. What does my dreams of ice cream have to do with my comedy, not much. This is just a random thought that I wanted to leave you with.

    I made my inevitable journey back to the Cavendish Arms yesterday. The performance was most memorable for the way I flubbed my lines but played it off like a boss. I don’t mean like a CEO of a fortune 500 but how your local chicken shop passes its health inspection. The trick is to simply divert their attention by amplifying your charm. Now if you don’t have natural charms like a regular rock then play to that strength.  So what I am saying know what qualities you bring to the table and play to that don’t try and be a mineral like Quartz. Most of my advice is basically the same thing but cut paste has worked for many people before me.

    My mum came to see me perform which was a nice touch said she was proud of her boy. Hopefully that has bought me a couple months to justify my lifestyle. By lifestyle I mean barely contributing to society. 

  10. What Did You Mean By That Ep. 4 (Exit Wounds) Shit Happen

    In this episode we discuss, zombie eating habits, what happens when you have to go and how old is too old to love the things you love.




    Steven Seagal is both our grandfathers. –Jamie & Fitz